Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System

Congress enacted the SAFE Act to enhance consumer protection and reduce fraud by encouraging states to establish minimum standards for the licensing and registration of mortgage loan originators also referred to as "MLOs." Each loan originator listed below is registered as an MLO with the Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System and Registry (NMLSR).







First Bank
NMLS 406060

Ralls, Susan
MLO 1156388

Koontz, Michael
MLO 463188

Davenport, Candace
MLO 775778

Crim, Celeste Yeakley
MLO 1317447

Whirley, Lisa
MLO 453582

Layman, Cyndie
MLO 469623

Orndorff, Teresa
MLO 476274

Youngblood, James C.
MLO 775792

Grubbs, Cory
MLO 1735298

Robinson, Angela
MLO 1693432

Gutshall, Kevin
MLO 1788058

Ryman, Kimery
MLO 476275

Johnson, Martha L.
MLO 1380302

Frye, Kodi
MLO 1421112

Johnson, Carolyn
MLO 476276

Eaker, Dorian
MLO 1872615

Byrnes, Christie
MLO 1752832

Schwab, Alyssa
MLO 1227356

Hershey, J Andrew
MLO 422105

Knight, Jessica
MLO 1655218

Neff, Jessica
MLO 1378397

Reams, Adam Marshall
MLO 1377725

Negron, Angel
MLO 476099

Martin, Paul K.
MLO 414850

Hensley, Jacqueline
MLO 1374735

Smiley, Norman "Butch"
MLO 1375783

McLean, M. Andrew
MLO 507057

Arthur, Tonda
MLO 430383

Carter, Misty
MLO 193857

Bain, Paula
MLO 1689435

Bauserman, Donna
MLO 1688707

Minnick, Lisa
MLO 1688702

Shaffer, Heather
MLO 1961474

Huffman, Gloria
MLO 1689910

Eaton, Jody
MLO 1380238

Campbell, Janet
MLO 1689433

Murray, Amy
MLO 1891090

Fuller, Ashley
MLO 1886933
Yarbrough, Patti
MLO 1747959
Dodson, Carol
MLO 1892417
Cadden, Laura
MLO 460157
Smith, Jeffrey
MLO 1234133
Hoffman, Theresa
MLO 1948770