Sending money has never been easier.

Today you can pay someone with only their name and email address. PayAny1 is an electronic payment service that allows you to securely send money by using only the recipient’s email address.

Here’s how it works:

  1. The sender (you) accesses PayAny1 in online or mobile banking and follows the payment instructions
  2. The recipient receives an email invitation
  3. Once the recipient accepts, the money is deducted from the sender's (your) account and deposited directly into the recipient's account

Can I send money to anyone?

You can send money to any individual who has a U.S. bank account and email address.

Do I need to know their bank account information?

No - All that you need to know is their email address.

How much can I send?

You can send up to $2,500 in any one payment, and on any single business day.

Can I send money at any hour?

Yes, you can enter payments at any time. Payments that you submit before 3:00 pm can be sent the same day as long as your recipient has followed the steps to agree to receive payments from you before that time as well.

When will the money come out of my account?

It will come out of your account on the date that you entered as the scheduled date for your payment.

Can I see which payments have been sent?

Yes, the status of each payment can be found by going into PayAny1 within Online Banking and clicking on the My Account Overview.

When will the other person see the money in their account?

PayAny1 uses the ACH system to send payments (similar to direct deposit), so they should see the money in their account within 2 business days after it is processed.

What if the person I want to send money to doesn't respond to the email invitation sent to them?

The payment will show in a "Pending" status on your account summary screen for 9 calendar days before it is dropped from the system without processing.

I don't see the PayAny1 service on my online banking.

Simply click on "Configure this Page" after you have logged in, then click and drag the PayAny1 "widget" to the left-hand side with the others in the list. Then click Save. PayAny1 should now be displayed on your Start Page.

How much will I be charged for PayAny1?

PayAny1 is a free service to all First Bank customers who are enrolled in online banking.

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