Estate Planning

Set up a secure future for you and your loved ones

Estate planning, no longer just for the wealthiest of us, is a smart move for anyone who would prefer to have their property, investments and possessions distributed according to their wishes. Our professionals can help with wills, trusts and other key document planning. Our experienced investment professionals help our clients formulate their estate plans and can help communicate the plan to their chosen legal advisor, saving valuable time and cost in front of a client's legal professional.

Let us help

  • Create and manage estate plans
  • Perform reviews of previously created estate plans
  • Coordinate preparation of key documents and accounts as needed with your chosen legal advisor
    • General Power of Attorney
    • Advance Medical Directive
    • Trusts
    • Wills
  • Perform regular plan reviews and updates during the course of life (routine plan reviews)
  • Work with any tax or legal advisors you may have (if desired)
  • Handle your estate settlement

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